5 Facebook Tactics You Are Overlooking

If you are using Facebook for your marketing efforts, you will want to check out the “5 Facebook Tactics You Are Overlooking” and consider the possibilities. We have a great deal of clients that do not understand the power of Facebook or can not seem to find their rhythm on this popular social platform. And to that notion, we are hoping to give you a little pep in your step with this article.

Tactic #1: Choose Content That Relates & Resonates To Your Audience.

If you are a baker or an electrician, you will want to share content that will help your audience be better in each respective field. Whether that is a great recipe for oatmeal raisin cookies or a review of the best light fixtures to use when renovating your home, you want to make sure your content is aligned with what your audience wants to see from your brand. The kicker is finding that golden nugget of information your audience craves from your brand. You can test the water by posting the question after your existing post, “What would you like to see from us.” You will be surprised at the overwhelming response.

 Content That Relates & Resonates To Your Audience

Find The Sweet Spot In Your Content – What You Want To Say Mixed With What They Are Interested In

Quick Reminder: Videos and Links have been proven to perform better on Facebook as opposed plain images.


Tactic #2: Use Facebook Organic Post Targeting

The beautiful thing about Facebook is that they really pay attention to the habits of its users. This works to your advantage because they have made this information available to page owners in the Facebook tools. Basically Facebook opens the flood gates to all of the core demographics you want to share your content with including gender, education level and age to name a few.

Facebook Organic Targeting Tool- The 5 Tactics You Are Overlooking

The Targeting Tool is directly under the post as highlighted above

Quick Reminder: Facebook Organic Post Targeting Tool can be found on the post once you write your status update. If you are unable to find it, read this article on how to turn this option on: http://snip.ly/Qfc3


Tactic #3: Quality over Quantity

Facebook is different from all other platforms in that it requires more attention on the content that is shared. For example, if you see a post on Facebook that requires you to read a couple of paragraphs, you are more likely to do so as opposed to seeing the “read more” indication on Twitter. This is a great concept because it allows us to post to this platform with the idea of quality content versus a whole bunch of content. Your audience will appreciate the quality posts over the flooding of their timeline with several stories.

Quality over Quantity

Choose Quality Content To Post Less Frequently as Opposed To A Bunch Of Content All Of The Time

Quick Reminder: It is best to post different types of posts- links, images, videos and text only updates. So far we have found that 3 posts per day is the average working recipe.


Tactic #4: Post Useful Content

Useful is one of those words that can mean a multitude of things depending on what your brand is. When we use this term, we are indicating that you share information that centers around whatever your brand is about. An example would be the baker from before:his brand can post humorous, witty and informative posts that are still relevant in the cooking realm- more specifically baking. This information should spark the interest of the audience, making it share worthy or memorable.

Useful Content

Useful Content Is Content That Your Audience Can Use Immediately

Quick Reminder: Give your brand life by establishing a tone of voice. When your audience reads your posts, they should feel like they are receiving the information from a person, not a machine.


Tactic #5: Post At Off-Peak Hours

Facebook is flooded with thousands and thousands of posts every second. It is important that we find the time frame that is best to post to insure that our message is reaching as many people as possible. You can research this time frame in your page insights tab.

Post at off peak hours to gain more exposure to your message

Quick Reminder: Some studies have shown a consistent trend to post at 3PM in your time zone, however you can get the exact time through your insights.


With these 5 Tactics for Facebook Marketing, you will be smashing your online campaign in no time! If you have any further questions or have a tactic we did not cover, leave a comment below and let’s talk. In the meantime, happy marketing!


The Donut Socialite Team

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